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At times when you would like to scan a barcode then prompt an action, you can create a barcode encoded with a "Enter/Return" input. The following article illustrates how this is done.

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  • You will need to create a barcode that supports encoding the full ASCII character set. Most bar code symbologies such as Code 39 Full ASCII, Code 128, Data Matrix, QR code, etc. will work, but Code 39 Regular won't.
  • The barcode scanner will also need to be capable of scanning this particular symbology.
  • You will also need a software application or hardware device acting as a "keyboard wedge" that translates data scanned from a barcode reader into keyboard strokes for a computer.

Creating the Barcode

  1. Create the desired barcode object with a symbology that supports the full ASCII character set in your BarTender document.
  2. Right-click and go into the barcode properties.
  3. Select the desired data source in the barcode you want to encode the "enter/return" keyboard input.
  4. Click the insert special symbol or special character button.Image_2345.png
  5. Go to the control characters tab.
  6. Select carriage return (CR) and click insert. Also, select line feed (LF) and click insert. This should insert two non-printable characters that would simulate a "enter/return" keyboard input.Image_2346.png
  7. Close out the barcode dialogs when finished entering in the desired data.

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