How to print printer code (PRN, ZPL) files through an Integration Follow

Alex Sempf


How can I print printer code files (PRN, ZPL, etc.) through BarTender?


While you can't import printer code files into BarTender directly, you can use a BarTender Integration to automate the printing of printer code files through the Windows Command. Printer code can be sent to a printer using the COPY command with a /B switch to copy the binary contents of the file:

COPY <source> /B <printer_name>

For example:

COPY C:\labels\label.prn /B "\\print_server\Zebra ZT 230 (203 dpi)"
  1. Create a new File Integration
  2. Set the appropriate settings under the File Detection section: Folder to Scan is your trigger file location and File Pattern is the extension to look for (set to *.PRN or *.ZPL, or another format)
  3. Under the Integration's Actions, remove the Print Document action and add a Shell Command action.
  4. Set the Command Source to Embedded Command(s), and enter the following into the space below (substituting your printer's name or network path):
COPY %FilePath% /B <replace_with_printer_name>

The %FilePath% variable is built-in to the Integration, and is replaced with the trigger file's full path at run-time, which is then passed to the Shell Command.


More Information

You may need to set an account with elevated credentials for the Integration to use under the Integration section.

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