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 Is SQL Server Express required for BarTender 2019? Which version is required?


Yes, SQL Server Express 2014 is required for all editions of BarTender 2019, including the Free Edition.

It must be SQL Server Express 2014 with an instance named BarTender. It cannot be any other version or named instance, including SQL Server 2014 full edition.

This instance is used for licensing and BarTender system security, among other administrative tasks. BarTender will not start without this instance present and running.

Installing SQL

BarTender will attempt to install SQL Server Express as part of the installation package for our software. If you are having difficulties installing SQL Server, please see the following support article for assistance: Install BarTender SQL Server Express Manually

If you need to install SQL Server Express 2014 SP3 to handle the changes in TSL or some other reason, please install SP3 manually first before installing BarTender. Our support article has a command line you can use to manually install a BarTender instance that is ready for use with all the configurations required to get you up and running. You can also walk through the wizard and install the BarTender instance this way as well.

If you install SQL Server with the default specifications, the BarTender installer will find the install and create a BarTender instance automatically.


For Tech Support:

This projected to change in R5.


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