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The Error Handling option is a new feature available in BarTender 2019 that allows the user to specify how BarTender should handle a print job if the object is in an error condition. For example, so that the software automatically marks the label as not valid whenever there is an object on the label that does not fit in the current placeholder. This new feature is available for all template object types.

Applicable to 

BarTender 2019 and above


To access the Error Handling property page, double-click an object to open its Properties dialog (alternatively, click Properties on the object's context menu). Then, on the object's Properties page, click Error Handling in the navigation pane.

To configure the error handling settings that you want, click an error condition, and then click to select the actions that you want to take when that error condition occurs, taking into account that the following actions:

  • Do not print object
  • Clip to fit
  • Invalidate label
  • Always abort print job

Cannot be activated simultaneously, meaning that activating any of the above will result in the rest of them being deactivated (as they perform an action that is not compatible with any of the other actions on the list. For example, if the option "Always abort print job" is selected, clipping the object, not printing it or invalidating the label are not actions that can be carried out, as the print job will be aborted, and thus, those options will be deactivated when the "Always abort print job" option is activated).

It is important to note also, that the error conditions that are available vary depending on the selected object type and that the actions that are available vary depending on the error condition that is selected. For example:

Error conditions available for a Text object:



Error conditions available for a Shape object:



Note: Even though you can select and edit multiple objects at the same time. When you do this, the error conditions and actions that are available are limited to those that the selected objects have in common:


Additional resources

Further detailed information about the different error conditions and actions available can be found in BarTender Help



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