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Samantha Petro


 My BarTender software is out of date. How do I update to the latest revision?


 Releases and revisions for each version are released as bug fixes periodically. For BarTender 10.1 and earlier, revisions began with SR. For current versions, revisions begin with R. It is recommended you update to the current release to ensure you have all the latest bug fixes.

How to check your revision number

  1. Open BarTender Designer
  2. Close any dialogs which pop up
  3. Go to Help > About
  4. The revision number will be after either SR or R depending on which version you have.

Downloading the latest revision

  1. Navigate to in any browser other than Internet Explorer
  2. If you are using an older version of the software, click on "Other versions and options" and a menu will slide down.
    1. Select the version number from the dropdown list
    2. Select either 32 or 64-bit. Version 10.1 is only available in 32-bit.
  3. Click the green download button


Note: It is recommended you make a backup of all important label, integration, and other BarTender files before updating!
  1.  Stop all live integrations in the Administration Console (BarTender 2016 and later) or stop all task lists in Commander (10.1 and earlier)
  2. Close all BarTender windows
  3. Right click on the installer and Run as Administrator
  4. For older versions of BarTender, if your revision was severely out of date, the system may need to restart.
  5. Once the installer has finished, please do the following depending on your version
    1. For BarTender 2019 and later, select your license from the list to reconnect the install to the license. This does not count as a significant activation
    2. For BarTender 2016 and earlier, skip activation as the software is already activated.
  6. Once the update is finished, you can resume normal operation.
    1. Restart Integrations in the Administration Console if needed
    2. Start Commander task lists if needed

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