How to connect to an IBM Informix Database? Follow

Samantha Petro


 How to you create a database connection to an IBM Informix database?


These are the minimum requirements to connect to an Informix database:

  • BarTender 2016 or later
  • Informix database v11.10 or later
  • an IBM Informix driver matching the bitrate of your system and software


You can connect to an Informix database by doing the following

  1. Open BarTender Designer and create a new document
  2. Go to File > Database Connection Setup
  3. Click "Create new database connection"
  4. Select "IBM Informix"
  5. When entering the server name, you will need to follow this format:

So for example, your server might look like this: SRVQADB1:1527

The port number must be included during setup else the connection cannot be completed.

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