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This articles applies to BarTender 2021 and later.

Now in BarTender 2021 and later, you can manage Librarian label files directly from Print Portal! Performance has also been improved when printing Librarian labels.


Managing Librarian files in Print Portal

Print Portal allows you to manage the labels stored via Librarian in the following ways:

  • Add a comment
  • Change the workflow state
  • View the Revision History for Librarian labels, including the ability to revert to a previous revision of the label

In order to access these options for Librarian files Print Portal must be set to the Details view. While the Details view is active each label will have an options button that shows a dropdown menu:


The options are as follows:

Revision Comment

This allows you to add a comment to the most recent revision of the label.


Simply type in your comment and click Add.


Revision History

From the label’s Revision History you can see the full history of actions taken for each revision. You can also add comments to an older revision, view a preview of any revision, compare the preview of multiple revisions, or rollback to a previous revision before printing.



Transition Workflow Step

This allows you to change the label's State. States must first be created and configured through Librarian before they can be used here.


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