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This articles applies to BarTender 2021 and later.

Print Portal has been completely redesigned for BarTender 2021!


As part of the new design, Print Portal now has improved search functionality as well as new sorting and grouping options.


View Options

The view in Print Portal can now be sorted and grouped to make it easier to quickly find the label you need to print. The ability to switch between Icon or Detail view remains the same.



You must use the Details view to see the options menu for labels:



Grouping and Sorting

The Group By option will group labels into collapsible sections. Here is an example of grouping by Author:



You can also group by Categories, Tags, and Products.

These attributes can be set for a label file in BarTender Designer by going to File > BarTender Document Options then select the Information tab.




You can Sort the results by name, by date of when labels were created, or by date of when labels were last modified. You can also reverse the sorting order:



New Search

Searching in Print Portal now searches all folders and subfolders, and it will return both labels and folders that match your query. You can also use groups to filter and organize your search results even further:



Automatic Language Detection

Print Portal will now automatically change its display language based on the language of your browser. Print Portal will immediately be displayed in your browser’s language without needing to make any adjustments after installation, and if you need to change the language you can simply adjust the language in your browser settings and refresh the Print Portal page.

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