BarTender Technical Support Policies Follow

Domingo Rodriguez

Our Technical Support staff consists of well-trained, friendly support agents around the world. All our agents read, write and speak English, but we also provide support in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese and more based on availability.


What is included with support?


 •  Product Activation assistance
 •  Installation and configuration questions
 •  Issue diagnosis and support
 •  Post-sales support on the software capabilities and features


Our Sales team is happy to assist with license purchases, upgrades and finding a BarTender reseller for you. For items not covered by support, please engage with a BarTender partner or our Professional Services team.


What is offered by Professional Services


 •  Introductory and in-depth product training
 •  Consultation and implementation assistance
 •  Configuration and usage best practices
 •  Programming, coding, and integration design
 •  Custom label and template design


Our Professional Services specialists are there to help you make the most of BarTender. Please reach out to your BarTender provider for more information or email


Standard Support business hours

  • Americas |  6am - 6pm PST
  • EMEA 
    • Monday to Thursday | 9am - 6pm CET
    • Friday | 9am - 5pm CET
  • APAC | 9am - 6pm CST
  • Japan | 9am - 5pm JST

All offices observe local holidays. A full list of holiday closures can be found at


BarTender Support Plans

All BarTender users using a supported version of BarTender qualify for support. We offer several support packages to meet the needs of any business:


  Free Standard Premium
 Coverage Hours Business hours Business hours 24x7
 Email Support
 Phone Support -
 Chat Support -
 Remote Assistance -
 Community & Knowledge Base
 First-Reply Time Guarantee - 1 business day 2 hours
 Escalation Prioritization to
 senior technicians
- -
 Eligible Editions
All Purchased Editions Enterprise and Automation


  • A Standard Support plan is included with an active BarTender Software Maintenance contract for your BarTender license.
  • Buy a Premium Support plan by adding a Premium Support add-on to your existing BarTender Software Maintenance contract (check with Sales or your BarTender partner for further information on how to purchase this add-on).
  • The Free Support Plan is offered to those customers running with the Free Edition of BarTender, or for customers that are on a supported version but without an active maintenance and support contract. There is no guaranteed response times for Free Support plan and you only have access to Email channel and the knowledge base.

If you'd like information on upgrading your support plan for your BarTender license, contact your BarTender reseller or alternatively our sales team.


What versions of BarTender are supported?

Find below a table containing the list of the most recent BarTender versions and their support status. 

BarTender Version Release Date End of Support Date Status
BarTender 2019 8 April 2019 * Supported
BarTender 2016 11 Nov 2015 8 April 2023 Supported
BarTender 10.1 13 November 2013 1 November 2019 Extended support only with active maintenance
BarTender 10.0 1 March 2012 1 October 2017 Unsupported
BarTender 9.4 19 January 2011 1 June 2016 Unsupported

* EOS date for BarTender 2019 will be announced when the next major version of the product is released.


The following observations apply:

  • Technical support for a version of BarTender is generally available for four years after the next version is released.

  • Assistance will be offered on BarTender Activation issues even if the BarTender license is no longer supported (only for BarTender licenses with a product key code).

  • At this time, the oldest version of BarTender that is still supported is BarTender 10.1 (only if you are on active maintenance and support contract).


Priority Levels

All support issues are triaged and assigned a priority. Your current support plan and ticket priority will be communicated to you as part of the qualification process, giving you the chance to disagree with the assigned priority or to upgrade your support plan to improve your support experience. 

Urgent Critical issues that have caused production printing failures in one or more facilities
High Intermittent issues affecting production printing or urgent issues where a workaround has been found
Normal Issues that do not affect production
Low Routine questions and usability issues


Printer Driver Support

We provide support for our free Drivers by Seagull™ only when used together with BarTender, including the Free Edition.

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