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Applies to: BarTender 2021 R1 and later

BarTender Designer has a large color palette and selection that can be used to design your templates.

Color Picker

There is a color picker to more easily find, select, and manage colors. You will consistently see the color picker in all areas of BarTender Designer where color selections are made. Color of text, shapes, and template background are examples of common areas where the new color picker is available.


Pantone Colors

The new color picker also now includes an extended color palette of pantone colors.


Advanced Settings

You can click the advanced settings option Color8.png to see even more color options in the color picker. 


RGB and HSL Color Values

The new color picker allows you to enter and specify both RGB and HSL color values for their respective color models. Specific HEX color values can also be set for each respective color model.


Color Wheel

Under the custom tab of the color picker, you will also find a color wheel to more easily create and select your desired color.


Data Sourcing Colors

From the color picker, you can also specify and set colors values for objects using a data sources (See Overview of Data Sources for more information). Note, this option will only be available with an object selected in your label design.



You can source color values using the following data source types and apply the following transforms.


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