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Jasper Wen

This guide will walk you through how to install BarTender 2021 for the first time.

If you have not downloaded the installer, please do so here at our downloads page.

Starting the installation

  1. To start the install, right click on the downloaded file and select "Run as Administrator."
  2. Your computer may request permission to continue. Click Yes or OK and enter credentials for an administrator account if requested.
  3. Once the installer starts, a welcome screen will greet you:


  1. Read through the License Agreement and click the checkbox to agree.
  2. Click the Install button if you wish to only install the BarTender suite.
  3. Click "Specify advanced installation options" for a custom installation and then click Next.

Specifying advanced options

The Advanced Installations Options dialog will allow you to change the type of installation and features that will be installed.

  • BarTender - This option will install the entire BarTender Suite of applications except for Print Portal.
  • BarTender with Print Portal - This option will install the entire Bartender Suite of applications including Print Portal for web based printing. You can find more information about Print Portal here.
  • Licensing Service and Administration Console Only - This option will only install the BarTender Licensing Service and Administration Console. This is useful if you want to install and host the server side of your BarTender License on a centralized system.
  • Add Microsoft SQL Server Express - If checked, this option will install SQL Server Server 2014 Express that is required for using the BarTender System Database, Librarian, History Explorer, and Reprint Console. If you are using your own Microsoft SQL Server instance or not using these features, you can choose to uncheck this option and skip the Microsoft SQL Server Express installation. Note, this option will be grayed out if the BarTender installer detects that Microsoft SQL Server is installed and a BarTender instance has been created.
  • Install to - This option allows you to specify the installation location of BarTender and related files.


  • Once you have selected your options, click Install.
  • If you selected the BarTender with Print Portal option, click Next at the dialog that comes after.

Print Portal

If you have chosen to install Print Portal, the installer will ask you to create a password for the account which runs Print Portal. Please keep this password in a safe place. Make sure you follow best practices and create a strong password.


Once you have typed your password, click Install.

Completing the installation

After clicking the Install button, the wizard will go through a series of screens to install BarTender on your system. Once the installation has completed, a completion dialog will pop up. Click Finish and the activation wizard will open automatically.


Activating BarTender

To activate BarTender, please follow our activation guide:

Activating the BarTender Suite

Other Information



If you haven't already done so, you should download the latest release for your version of BarTender. The download can take several minutes, depending on your internet connection. The following video will guide you through installing and activating BarTender 2019.


There are four paid editions of BarTender and a free 30-day Trial edition. The installation process can vary between editions, because you may have access to different components and companion applications. These videos walk your through the installation of BarTender for specific editions.

Select your edition below to start the video:

Seagull License Server is required for the Automation and Enterprise Automation editions of BarTender. Learn More.

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Mark Dines
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I cannot connect and get the following error. I am unsure what is wrong.

Neha Arora
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Hi Team,

How can I download the BarTender application I could not start. 

IT Support
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I cannot run Bartender 2021 after install since no active license wizard come out

Matt Baker
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Are we now forced to install all of the applications instead of just the ones we want?

Ricardo Xambre Guiron
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Muito complicado, segui todas as etapas de instalação ( 3x ) conforme vídeo recebido via e-mail, mais não consigo operar , qualquer acesso e negado por falta de autenticação, vou ter que continuar nas mãos da empresa que nos fornece etiqueta. Grato 

Madhusudan Chinnammagari
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How to install just Bar tender Designer alone?

Andrew Perez
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This installation is a step back from 2016. I only need designer on my end users' systems.  Way to bloated.

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I cannot install Bartender. I always get the same message, see picture; What to do

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