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When upgrading one's IT infrastructure it may become necessary to migrate BarTender from its existing environment to a fresh system. 

In order to avoid having to reconfigure BarTender from scratch, users may want to export their current configuration and import it on the new system.  

Applicable to 

BarTender 2019 and later


Administration Console

From within Administration Console it is possible to set the location for several BarTender configuration files. You can also find these files through Administration Console in case you need to migrate to another system. Please find more information on how to copy these files in the article below:

Print Station

The below article goes over where to find Print Station settings and how to copy them:

BarTender System Database

Moving the BarTender System Database

Use the information provided in the following support article to move your system database to a new computer.

Because Librarian is entirely contained within the BarTender System Database, the process to move it to a new computer is identical to moving the system database to a new computer.

Moving the BarTender System Database Configuration Settings

  • Option 1: Write a command line or PowerShell Script and use the system database command line parameters to do it: Running the Wizard Using Command Line Parameter
  • Option 2: Copy the C:\ProgramData\Seagull\System\Service\Config.xml file to each client machine and restart the BT system service.

Security Settings

While Security settings are stored in the system database for Bartender 2019 and later, BarTender 2016 requires some further consideration when migrating to another computer. Please have a look at the below article for more information on this:


Printer drivers also have their own settings files which store the printer configuration. See the below article which explains how to copy the printer driver settings: 

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