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The following information (part of your Maintenance and Support agreement) contains details on how to report incidents to Seagull Scientific Technical Support, how they are responded, prioritized and closed.

I.     Incident Submission 

  1. How to submit Incidents. Unless otherwise specified in a supplemental support offering purchased by you, Incidents are to be submitted to us by the registered end user of the licensed BarTender product, or their Seagull Scientific authorized partner, through the Supported Channels as indicated in Availability and Channels for Support for this Maintenance and Support agreement.
  2. How to Report an Incident. In order to suitably track its resolution of any reported Incident, Seagull Scientific requires that you:
    1. Register for an account with us and register your product(s) under that account ( in order to purchase, activate and/or renew Maintenance and Support, or place orders or access or receive Software and/or Maintenance and Support. You acknowledge that:
      1. Your registration information must be accurate, current, and complete, including a correspondence Email address and the City and Country where Bartender is Licensed. 
      2. We may elect to send notices about your Software Product(s), our Maintenance and Support Agreement, service releases, statements, and other information to you by email or through your account. 
    2. Identify yourself as the registered end user of the licensed BarTender software or state your business relationship with the registered end user of the licensed BarTender software. BarTender Support Number that was provided on MSA and can also be found by starting BarTender and opening the “Help > About” Menu dialog
    3. Provide a clear and concise Subject that summarizes the nature of the Incident.
    4. Provide a full description of the Incident and desired results.
    5. Provide any applicable information or files related to the BarTender license or Incident, such as:
      1. BarTender Edition in use; 
      2. BarTender Service Release or Build; 
      3. Windows Version and Release; 
      4. BarTender documents (.btw) or BarTender Integration related files; 
      5. Windows or BarTender related log files; and 
      6. Business Impact / Priority (We reserve the right to reclassify the priority level at any time if we reasonably believe the classification is incorrect.) 
  3. Your Cooperation. Consistent with our pledge of commercially reasonable support you agree to provide such information and access to your resources as reasonably required to enable our Technical Support team member to provide Technical Support. You acknowledged that Seagull Scientific’s Technical Support cannot resolve incidents where this cooperation and access are not available to them. 


II.    Incident Response and Closure

  1. BarTender Incident Response. For each Incident you report in accordance with these procedures, Seagull Scientific’s Technical Support will:
    1. Confirm receipt of the reported Incident with an automated electronic acknowledgement for Incidents originated via (“Email”) and (“Web Form”) support channels.
    2. Set a Priority Level for the Incident. 
    3. Analyze the Incident and, as applicable, verify the existence of the problem(s) resulting in the Incident, which may include requesting that you provide additional information, logs, virtual environment images, and re-execution of commands to help identify the root cause and dependencies of the reported issue. 
    4. Give you direction and provide assistance in resolving the Incident. 
    5. Keep a record of ongoing communications with you. 
  2. Priority Levels. Our Technical Support team will assign a priority level (“Priority Level”) to each Incident based on the criteria below: 
    Priority Level Description 

    Urgent / 

    “Business Critical” 

    The highest priority. This status represents a complete loss of service or a significant feature that is completely unavailable. 

    This status only applies to BarTender installations already running in production and will not be applied to development issues or problems in staging environments.  

    High / “Degraded Service”  This status includes intermittent issues or a significant feature that is partially unavailable. 
    This status only applies to BarTender installations already running in production and will not be applied to development issues or problems in staging environments. 
    Normal  This status includes product questions, feature requests and issues that do not affect production. 
    Low  This status includes routine questions and minor usability issues.
  3. Closure of Incidents: Incidents shall be closed in the following manner:
    1. For solvable Incidents: Depending on the nature of the Incident, the resolution may take the form of an explanation, recommendation, usage instructions, or workaround instructions advising you of an available fix. 
    2. For BarTender-related Feature Requests or Fixes: SLA targets will apply as per Availability and Channels for Support until our Technical Support team has identified and reported the software feature request to our Development team, after which the Support Ticket will be changed to Closed. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to inform you in a separate email if and when the requested software feature is implemented in a new Service Release or major version update of BarTender software.  Decisions about implementing feature requests or software fixes are made at the sole discretion of Seagull Scientific.  There is no guarantee that your feature request or software fix will be implemented. 
    3. For Incidents outside of scope of Technical Support services: Our Technical Support may also close an Incident by identifying it as outside the scope of Technical Support (pursuant to the Scope of Support in the MSA) or arising from a usage case which is excluded from the MSA.
    4. In the event that unsupported Windows Version and / or BarTender Version and Service Release are used: We may ask, in the course of attempting to resolve the Incident, that you update Windows and / or your licensed BarTender software product to a supported and compatible version. If the problem disappears upon installing the updated version, then we may consider the Incident to be resolved.
    5. Dormant Incidents: We will consider an open Incident to be dormant if you have not responded within a defined amount of time, detailed below, during the life cycle of the incident. Dormant incidents will have their status changed to Solved. Incidents in Solved status can be reopened within 96 calendar hours, after which they will be Closed.
      1. During troubleshooting: 40 business hours after sending an automated Follow-Up email. 
      2. During qualification: 24 business hours following our last communication. 
      3. Solved Tickets can be reopened within 96 calendar hours, after which they will be considered Closed. 


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