Error 3324: The document was created with a newer version of BarTender Follow


BarTender Content Team


While opening a document file with BarTender Designer, Error Message #3324 appears:



BarTender Designer


This error occurs because the label document you are trying to open has a version that is higher than the current Bartender version installed on your computer (e.g., attempting to open a label document created from BarTender 2021 with BarTender 2019). To fix this issue, the template file needs to be resaved as a backward compatible version with the following steps:

  1. Locate the .btw label document file within Windows Explorer then open the file with a Notepad
  2. Once the label document is opened with Notepad, you will see CompatibleVersion that indicates the BarTender version required(or higher) to open this file:
  3. Open the label document with a supported version of BarTender Designer then go to File > Save As and select the version of BarTender you would like this label document to be backward compatible with:


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