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The BarTender Print Client service allows client systems to print to their own local printers. This service generally only works with Windows 10, Server 2016, and later systems. However, by installing several prerequisites, this service may work on Windows 7-based systems.

Applicable to 

  • BarTender 2021 and later
  • BarTender Print Client Service


The BarTender Print Client service will not properly install on Windows 7 out of the box. In order to run the service, you will need to apply specific updates and install prerequisites before installing the service.

Apply the KB3063858 Security Update

First, apply the Windows Security update. You can download this update from Microsoft's website:

Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable

This redistributable will need to be installed to run as the foundation for the service. You can download the redistributable here:

Install the BarTender Print Client service

Once you have all the prerequisites, you can install the service. Navigate to Print Portal and open a label. Follow the instructions to install the service and configure it.



Warning: Windows 7 is out of support by Microsoft. As such, it no longer receives critical security fixes and is vulnerable to many forms of malware. We strongly recommend that users upgrade or replace Windows 7 in every aspect of their IT infrastructure. While the BarTender 2021 host application is not supported on Windows 7, we know that user’s hosting BarTender Print Portal for access by third-parties often do not have control over the client’s IT infrastructure and might therefore be required to print from a browser hosted on Windows 7.


For that reason, Seagull has put together this set of instructions for installing the BarTender Print Client service on Windows 7, which allows clients accessing Print Portal through a browser on Windows 7 to print to a local printer. We will provide technical assistance if you encounter any issues following these set of instructions.


Internal only information

Note: We will provide technical assistance to this configuration and setup. If you have a customer call in with this configuration, you can do the following to try to troubleshoot:

  • Check for all the prerequisites listed in this article
  • Check JIRA for known issues
  • Test the issue to see if you can reproduce it when using a supported BT-Windows combination

If you can reproduce it, it may be an issue with the service itself.

If you cannot, this might be a compatibility issue or something we need to write up. If you reach this point it is advised to escalate the issue to Tier 2, and Tier 2 would escalate to engineering


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