Error message: 1403 The license server has returned an invalid license status Follow


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While trying to print from BarTender Designer, Error Message #1403 appears: The license server has returned an invalid license status: Invalid File. BarTender will not print or export printer code templates until this is corrected.


BarTender 2019 and above 


This error may occur when BarTender has detected significant changes to the Windows registry(e.g., Windows update, a hardware change, corrupted Windows registry due to power failure, etc). We recommend to apply the solution(s) below in the presented order until BarTender can print again.

Note: Once BarTender starts to print successfully, you do not need to apply any further solution.


Solution #1

Restart BarTender Licensing Service in Windows Services.

To open Windows Services, press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open the Run window.
Then, type services.msc and hit OK. Find BarTender Licensing Service -> right-click and select Properties -> Stop and Start.

Solution #2

Deactivate and activate your Product Key Code in BarTender Administration Console

Solution #3

Repair BarTender application.

This can be done by going to Windows Control Panel -> Program and Features -> Change -> Repair



Solution #4

If the solutions mentioned above does not resolve this, try uninstalling BarTender from Control Panel and reinstall BarTender again. It's highly recommend to install BarTender using a Windows administrator account and right-click on the BarTender installation file then “Run as Administrator".


Internal only information

Note that when activating the BarTender license, it registers the hardware components of a PC. In cases where the License Server is installed on a Virtual Machine, the license registers the hardware settings of the Virtual Machine at activation time. This error can occur when VM configuration is changed.

To avoid licensing issues, the following settings should be applied to the VM:

1. A static MAC address for the virtual network card.
2. A static CPU ID for the virtual processor.
3. Make sure to maintain Memory and Hard drive setting the same

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