How do you change the language of the BarTender installer in BarTender 2019 and later? Follow


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How to change the language of the BarTender installer?

Applicable to 

BarTender v2019 and later


Answer / Solution

In BarTender v2019 and later, it is not possible to select the language for the installer previous to the installation (as in v2016 and older):


By default the installer will automatically be started with a specific language based on the regional settings defined in Windows. So in order to change the language with which the installer is started, we will need to modify the Format setting in Windows:

Control Panel\Clock and Region\Region





Once the settings have been applied, you can start the BarTender installer and it will be displayed in the appropriate language based on the region selected (as long as there is a localization available for the selection made).



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