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BarTender 2022 introduces verifier configurations, which allows BarTender to communicate with the Omron Verifier software and verify that your prints are compliant and high quality.

This feature is currently a preview feature. It is not recommended for use in production yet.

Applicable to 

BarTender 2022 R1 and later


An Omron V275 Verifier is a verification system integrated with a printer and is used to verify the quality of a printed barcode. This also checks the accuracy of the barcode. The system is connected to a verifier software that communicates to BarTender.

The verifier configuration is set up in the Administration Console and requires several components before this configuration can be used.

  • An Omron V275 verifier system-supported printer installed on your network
  • The Omron V275 server software, hardware, and printer
  • The Omron V275 server application software installed on either the same computer that BarTender is installed on or on another computer that is connected to your network

To set up and configure the verifier, please see Verifier Setup here in the help documentation.

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