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In rare cases, a printer driver will seemingly be impossible to remove from a system. Attempting to remove Printer Driver A and install Driver B will result in Driver A still showing up even after a manual driver removal. Effectively, the old driver stays and a new driver cannot be installed.

This happens with a few varying characteristics:

  • The driver installation wizard removed the old drivers.
  • The old driver may have been uninstalled with Advanced/Manual uninstall options.
  • Deleted the old printer from Control Panel's Printers and Devices.
  • The new driver appears to install successfully.
  • The old drivers still show up when checking the printer properties.
  • Control Panel's Printers and Devices will still display a copy of the old printer driver despite the removal.

Applicable to 

Seagull or manufacturer printer drivers on Windows systems.


The Windows Plug and Play service is likely re-installing the original driver as soon as the printer re-connects to the computer. Follow each of these steps to ensure complete driver removal and to keep Plug and Play from re-installing the driver.

  1. Download the Seagull Driver Package. Run the installer and select remove printer drivers. 
  2. Select Use advanced printer removal options.
  3. Select all the relevant driver items related to the printer in the Drivers, Components, and Files pages. In this example Brother QL-820NWB is selected for removal.
  4. Check for the drivers using printmangement.msc (type printmanagement.msc into the start menu and hit enter). Open the All Drivers folder to see installed drivers.
  5. Remove the driver package if it appears here.
  6. Open Windows Services (type services.msc to the start menu).
  7. Find the Plug and Play service. Stop it and set startup type to Disabled.
  8. Once this is completed, restart the computer.
  9. Install the new driver on the computer.
  10. Re-enable the Plug and Play service.

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