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Sometimes due to changes in your system such as updates, program installations or simply read/write errors on the hard drive your BarTender program files may become corrupted. This article describes how to perform a quick repair of your BarTender installation yourself. 

Applicable to

  • All BarTender Versions
  • Windows 10 (This will be similar to other Windows OS)

When to repair BarTender

You may want to try repairing your BarTender installation when you experience one of the following or unexpected behaviors:

  • BarTender crashes frequently upon launch.
  • BarTender suddenly runs slower than usual.
  • BarTender uses more resources than usual.
  • BarTender or one of its companion apps starts throwing error messages when launched or when using a particular feature. 

How to repair BarTender

1. Click on the Start icon in the Windows Taskbar and start typing "Add or remove programs" until you see the corresponding option in the search results:



2. Search for BarTender and click on it to make the Modify and Uninstall options appear. Select Modify.


3. In the Wizard, select the Repair option and click next.


Repair will then attempt to fix the errors by replacing the program files, reinstalling the services and software prerequisites. 

4. Once the process is done click on Finish. 

Alternatively, you can also use the BarTender installer. When opening the installer on a system with BarTender on it you will be presented with the above options.

Still not working

If repair does not resolve your issue please reach out to technical support for further assistance.


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