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What is the BarTender Mobile App? What are the requirements to use it?

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BarTender Mobile App

BarTender Print Portal


The BarTender Mobile App is an app that lets users access and print from Print Services like BarTender Print Portal. This app includes several features including

  • A configurable list of Print Services
  • A configurable list of local printers connected via IP or Bluetooth. This operates similarly to the Client Print Service. Can be configured manually or using the auto-detect option.
  • A browser that accesses the selected Print Service much like you would on the desktop
  • Can connect to HTTPS Print Services without extra configurations
  • Doesn't require the device to be on the same network as the Print Service

The app stores the settings and resources locally while browsing, login information (if enabled), and browsing the Print Service are handled through a browser wrapper.




Supported OS versions:

  • Android: 11 or higher
  • iOS: 15 or higher (coming soon)

BarTender compatibility:

  • BarTender 2021 and later
  • BarTender Print Portal

Other information:

  • Free to download
  • Does not require a PKC


Locating app version information

The app information is found by tapping the Menu icon [≡] then selecting About. Here you can find the version number as well as a listing of our open-source licenses



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