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Printing Services are BarTender Print Portal websites you can connect to and print from. In order to connect to one and start printing, you'll need to configure them first. You can connect to a site on your domain or one that is over the internet (if your Print Portal is configured to do so).

Once you have sites configured, you can also delete and edit them to make any changes you need.

While you can have multiple Printing Services configured, you can only connect to one at a time.

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BarTender Mobile App


When you start the app the first time, you'll be greeted with a blank Print Services screen. After you add Print Services, this screen will have whichever connections you have saved so you can connect to them simply by tapping on them.

When adding a Print Service, you will need to know the Print Route URL and the Print Portal URL to start.


How to find the Print Services list

When you start up the app for the first time, you'll be greeted with a Print Services screen. You can access the screen at any time by doing the following:

  1. Tap the menu button (≡) on the top left
  2. Tap the "Print Services" option


How to find the URLs

The Print Service URL is the address you type into a browser to reach Print Portal. This would not be the localhost address but one that lists either a web-based URL or local network URL to navigate to the home page.

The Client Route URL is not so readily obvious. You can instead find that in the Administrative Setup in Print Portal itself. when you navigate to the site, you can reach the Administrative Setup in the top right of the page (either by link or underneath the user portrait).

Once in the setup, click Client Printing and then make sure the Enable Client Printing box is checked. Here you can find the Print Router URL for use with the app.



Adding a Print Service

Note: to add a local Print Service like a locally-hosted Print Portal using the hostname, the device must be on the same network as the system hosting Print Portal. To test this connection, try to browse to Print Portal's URL using your device's browser.

When you've gathered all the URL information, it's time to add a Print Service. If you haven't added any Print Services yet, you'll have an empty list. If you've added some, they'll show up on the list.


  1. Tap the + button to bring up the dialog to add a service.
  2. Add a name for the server. This is a friendly name for the server that has no impact on the connection itself.
  3. Enter the Print Service URL, which is the URL used to navigate to Print Portal via browser
  4. Enter the Print Route URL found in Print Portal's Administrative Setup


When you tap Save, you will be taken to the Print Portal site. If there are any issues with the URLs or the connection, the dialog will tell you and not let you save the information. This will need to be corrected before you can save the Print Service information.


Editing and deleting Print Services

While on the Print Services screen, tap the Edit button on the top right. This Edit button can only be tapped if you have at least one Print Service listed here.


Tapping the Edit button takes you into edit mode. For each Print Service, you can tap the pencil icon to edit it or the trashcan to delete the connection.



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