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The BarTender Mobile App allows you to print using local printers connected to the phone via Bluetooth or IP. The printers must be configured prior to use with Print Portal. They can be automatically discovered after connecting the printers to the phone or manually entered on the printer configuration menu.

Not all printers are natively supported but can be supported by installing the driver on the Print Portal server. See How can you tell if a printer is supported by default for more information.

Note: there is no need to configure server-side printers on the app. Simply select a server-based printer on the print dialog and tap print!

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BarTender Mobile App


Print Portal employs driverless printing to print to any printer if it's not installed on the server. Installing the driver on the server will always give you the best quality prints, but you can still print to a client printer without the driver being installed.


How to find the printer management page

  1. Tap the menu icon bpp_app_menu.png
  2. Tap Discover Printers



Printer Autodetection

Printer autodetection happens in the background while the app is running. This process detects printers that are connected to the device itself through one of two services:

  • Internet Printing Protocol (IPP), available on both iOS and Android
  • AirPrint, available on iOS only

Any printer found via autodetection will show up on the printer management page without any extra work from you. They will automatically be configured and supported for printing with the app. 

The list will refresh itself every so often, but you can manually refresh the list at any time using the detect option at the top of the page.



Removing an autodetected printer

As autodetected printers are automatically added to the list, you cannot remove or edit the printer in the app. Instead, remove the printer from the IPP configuration or from AirPrint.

Once the printer has been removed from the system, either wait for the list to refresh or tap the "tap to detect printers" button to refresh the list manually.


Adding a printer manually

In addition to having the app automatically detect printers, you can also add them manually. Any printer manually added will need to be supported. For more information, see How can you tell if a printer is supported by default.

To add a printer manually, tap the add button at the bottom of the screenbpp_app_printer_manual.png

This brings up information with checks to ensure your device can properly add a printer manually. Here you can choose to add a Bluetooth or an IP printer



Adding a Bluetooth printer

To add a Bluetooth printer, you will need to ensure your Bluetooth is turned on.

  1. Tap the "Go to Bluetooth settings" button
  2. Add or select the Bluetooth printer you wish to connect to
  3. When you return to the BarTender app, select Done.


Adding an IP printer

Unlike with other methods, you will need to know information about the printer to add it manually. This includes the manufacturer and model of the printer, the IP address, and the size of the physical media.

  1. Tap "Add network printer manually"
  2. Fill in the IP and the Port number


  1. Tap the dropdown to scroll through a list of common manufacturers. When you select a manufacturer's name, a second dropdown will appear for selecting the model of your printer


  1. Fill in the width and height of the physical media in your printer and optionally add the offset information. 
  2. Tap Save to save the printer and add it to your list.


Removing manually added printers

Next to the name or IP address for a manually-added printer, tap the trash can icon to remove it from your list.



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