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Some users have encountered an inconsistency in barcode size when updating their Epson Seagull printer driver from version 2019.2 and earlier to more current versions (2020.1 and above). Specifically, they noticed that the x-dimension preset on their barcode is 0.42 mm when it used to be 0.40 mm.


Epson printers with Seagull Printer drivers versions 2020.1 to 2022.1 installed.

Underlying Issue

For context, 20 years ago inkjet printers had a much lower resolution and therefore a larger dot size. Because of this, there was a built-in margin of error to account for what we called "ink spread," which is the ink literally spreading on the paper making the printed dot larger than the resolution's defined dot size.

Modern inkjets (such as the Epson Colorworks C7500) have a much larger resolution (600x600) and do not need to compensate for "ink spread" as the dots are much smaller. With the release of version 2020.1, we removed this feature.

This is an improvement/correction of the driver. If the user would like the old set of x-dimension values available to them, there is a workaround for this.


1. In the BarTender Administration Console, there is an option to override the default "dot size" settings.


  • In the 2019.2 version of the Epson driver, the dot size was 2.5
  • The dot size of driver versions 2020.1 through 2022.1 is 1.7

2. By changing the dot size value from the new 1.7 setting to 2.5 (see above screenshot) after clicking the "Override default settings" checkbox, you should see the x-dimension preset return to 0.40 mm.

3. Don't forget to hit Apply before exiting Administration Console.

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