The wrong font is used with Font Substitution enabled Follow


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For some text objects in the template design the font changes unexpectedly at print time.


Verify whether the affected text objects are using Font Substitution: 


Font Substitution is an automated process which substitutes windows fonts specified in a template design by the best matching printer fonts. This means that undesired fonts may be used when enabling Font Substitution. 


Solution 1: Turn off Font Substitution

While turning off Font Substitution will prevent the TrueType fonts from being replaced by the best matching printer font, this may negatively impact print speed and quality, This is because TrueType fonts must be sent to the printer as graphics. 

Solution 2: Set Font Penalty for undesired fonts

It is not possible to specify the fonts to be used for font substitution directly. However, users can assign a "font penalty" value to specific fonts to prioritize some fonts over others during substitution and thereby control which font will most likely be substituted.

Below are some instructions on how you can set a "Font Penalty":

  1. Find the btwprn.ini file. In newer versions (v11.0), it is in the main installation directory of BarTender (usually the default location is:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Seagull\BarTender Suite)
    Older versions (10.0 and below), it is located in: 
    C:\ProgramData\BarTender (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008) 
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data (Windows XP, Windows Server 2003)
  2. At the bottom of this btwprn.ini file, you should find a section for "Additional Font Penalty".
  3. In this section, you want to add in the font you want to assign/control the penalty for. The syntax should be something like:
    <font name>=<penalty value> ex. (Bar Code=10000)
  4. The higher penalty value assigned, tells BarTender not to use this font effectively discounting it from being selected as a font to be substituted unless the font is explicitly selected. 



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