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It may happen that the font size changes unexpectedly for some text in a label design when using a different printer than the one specified when designing the template. 


This may happen because the new printer has a different DPI than the one specified originally. 

The reason for this is that Fonts are measured in point sizes which don't correspond directly to the printer dots used by the printer to draw individual characters. This means that changing resolution(i.e.: number of dots) at which characters are printed may change the space that a character occupies at a particular point size. 

Note: The reason why this issue seems to not come up when using an app like Microsoft Word, it is just that normal desktop printers tend to have much higher resolutions (600 dpi is on the bottom end). At high resolutions this issue becomes basically irrelevant. But at the lower resolutions of thermal printers (203, 300) it is a real issue.

Find below an example of how font size is calculated:

  • Points correspond to 1/72 of an inch meaning an 8 point font corresponds to 8/72 of an inch.
  • When switching from 600 dpi to a 300 dpi the number of dots changes: At 600 dpi, this would result in 66.667 dots, which gets rounded up to 67 dots. At 300 dpi, this would result in 33.333 dots, which would get rounded down to 33 dots.
  • Note that because 300 and 600 are not multiples of 72 the number of dots used for 600 dpi is not exactly double the number of dots used for 300 dpi
  • This causes the font to render larger on a 600 dpi printer. This cannot be fixed, because a 300 dpi printer is actually incapable of rendering a font at exactly 8 pt due to its low resolution.


As illustrated by the example above font size changes in these instances are a defined behavior that is not really fixable.

In order to avoid font size issues when using different resolution printers it is recommended to:

  • Enable Auto-fit and set an appropriate font range as shown in the screenshot below:mceclip2.png
  • Design the formats on the higher resolution printer instead of the lower one. The printer can be selected by opening the print dialog, selecting the desired printer as shown below and saving the document:

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