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If a printer is installed on multiple systems you can easily share the configuration between all computers by copying the configuration file. This guide describes the steps necessary to achieve this. 

Applicable to 

  • Seagull Printer Drivers


In addition, our Seagull Printer Drivers for BarTender have the ability to export and import driver settings. 

  1. Within BarTender, open the Print dialog (File > Print) after loading any label file.
  2. Select the printer you'd like to export settings for, and open Printer Properties
  3. Navigate to the Tools tab, and open Driver Options.
  4. Under the Administration tab, select the driver settings you wish to move and use the Export/Import buttons to move these settings to your new BarTender Installation. 


Note 1: These steps only apply to the Seagull Printer Drivers for BarTender, but other printer drivers may have similar options. In addition, The two printers must be similar and the same manufacturer for this to work. If you try to import settings and the printers are different, the process will fail.

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