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Adding two numerical fields together to create a variable number in an output field.



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    Jose Adam Flores Sr.

    What have you done so far,

    please post the code you have done,

    as i understand it.

    you have 1 box with 10 rolls of 50 feet each so that would yield 500' per box

    where in the equation does 750 comes from?

    I don't understand the where the 750 comes from. 




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    Peter Thane

    You probably need to make the VB an Event Controlled Script > OnPostPrompt so that the VB is processed after you have added the data in to the two entry boxes.

    For the code below I made the two input fields Named on the label so that I could reference them more easily on the label .

    The output will then look like this after entering 5 and 15 in to the two fields, as an example




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