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Print Station not Running Designer Script



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    Sahvanna Canary

    Hello John,

    BarTender 2022 is currently having issues in Print Station 2022 with print preview, specifically with data entry forms that have certain validation/suppression. From how you described your script, I believe this is the issue you're encountering. (If you're not using Print Station 2022, then disregard.)

    The workaround at this time would be to use earlier version of BarTender, such as BarTender 2021, or to not use Print Preview via Print Station. While there is no ETA for this fix, whenever we release our next revision of BarTender 2022, you can see what has been updated at this link: 

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    Peter Thane

    This also effects "Actions" too from a Form, however there is a ("kind of") workaround for this if you set up a Document Level command. 

    The label does not print, and you get the following message displayed:

    To configure this,

    • make your field that will contain the 0 a Named Data Source (I called mine checker)
    • Go to File>BarTender Document Options and choose the Actions tab
    • Tick the enable Actions and then add a Stop action by clicking the blue plus after Identical Copies. The Stop can be found in the Execute menu
    • Tick the Cancel Print Job box and set the other parameters as follows, getting the Name Data Source field name from the Other Variables option


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    John Brophy

    Thanks Peter Thane. In the meantime I did get a workaround by using a similar method to yours.

    I used VBscript at the document level for the OnNewRecord event. This seems to work ok. 


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