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    Paula Llorca

    Hello Pernilla!



    Welcome to our community :)

    We won't be able to assist you with your specific license from the community as it would require you to post your license details. However we can point you in the right direction:

    • If you are using the BarTender trial or have a BarTender subscription and they have expired, you will need to reach out to our sales team to have these extended - you can reach them here.
    • Other BarTender licenses are perpetual and do not expire. If you are getting an expiration message it may be that you have accidentally used a Provisional Activation, which is a temporary activation of BarTender for testing newer versions before upgrading your environment. In this case you just need to deactivate BarTender and reactivate it again, ensuring the Provisional Activation checkbox is not ticked. Here another article! 


    Hopefully one of these suggestions will help you, if you need us to look at your specific case, you can log a ticket with our support team here.


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