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Our company is using Enterprise Edition of 10.1 with about 20-25 printers. Our database creates a file that contains Commander Script that specifies the printer and label template to use, as well as the data for the template to print. This file is saved to a folder on a server dedicated to BarTender. Each label is different and can be one of about 60 label templates. All that is fairly is to control through the commander script, however our labels must print in the order it is given. Because of this, I have limited the handler to one process so it doesn't print the small files before large files are done processing. Then I encountered an issue where the file would specify one label template to use but BarTender used the previous file's template instead. It appears to have trouble letting go of the label template when you rapidly switch templates. I fixed this by forcing it to restart the process after every command. To make it so one large print job doesn't shut down printing for the whole company, we created a task/watched folder for each printer. 

So in the end we have one task per printer (20-25) with handle that has a single process that restarts after every command. 

Is this the best way to handle constant label template switching and keeping things in order? Is there a way so it can have multiple processes and still print in the order the files were placed in the folder? Can you specify more than one template in a single file with commander script? 


Jasper Wen
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I would suggest the following:

  • Confirm that you are on the latest service release of v10.1 which should be SR4 by going under help->about. If you are not on the latest SR, you can download it here:
  • Make sure you are using one process per each handler that you have set in Commander and command handler setup to guarantee order. Ideally, you wouldn't want to set it to restart after every command because that would essentially restart BarTender running in the background each time a trigger is sent and wouldn't be optimal. Usually, you would want to have it restart every hour or on failure only.
  • You wouldn't be able to specify multiple documents to print in a single command script trigger file. (You would need to use BTXML formatting to do that.)
  • Also, in Commander and command handler setup (under administer->command handler setup->document caching), you can control document caching and limit the number cached and open documents that Commander is using.
  • I would also suggest turn on some BarTender and Commander logging to confirm what Commander processed and BarTender actually printed. BarTender - Logging is set under administer->log setup->text file log tab->check log messages->click setup to set logging location. Commander - You can log the out window messages by going under administer->log setup->text file log tab->check log output window->click setup to set logging location.

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