how to send a code to the printer, then pause for x seconds, then print the label Follow

Jim Mason

When sending a print job to a Datamax printer, the 'cancel existing print job' checkbox will only cancel the next job to print  but leave any others in the internal buffer. In order to clear the lot I need to send SOH * [chr(01) then "*"]. I can do that in the printer driver at the start of print job, however the printer needs a few seconds to be ready to receive the next design. If I use the printer driver it misses the label design as it arrives too soon after the clear command.

I would like to use the Vbscript event OnPrintJobStart to send the characters to the printer then wait 10000ms (using the sleep command) but I don't know how to send those characters. What command would I use?

I am looking for something along the lines of:

print chr$(01);"*"

sleep (100000)

but I think I am being too simplistic, and I can't fathom the syntax.

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