Getting a picture path Follow

Miguel Martins


I am trying to get build a script which is able to change the picture depending on the name of a text. This is the script I have at the moment:


Set image = Format.Objects("Image")
Set brand = Format.NamedSubStrings("Marca")

Dim oPic

Set oPic = LoadPicture("C:\Etiquetas\GP.bmp")

Dim oPicA

Set oPicA = LoadPicture("C:\Etiquetas\CV.bmp")

If brand.Value = "GP" Then
image.PicturePath = oPic
ElseIf brand.Value = "CV" Then
image.PicturePath = oPicA
End If

This is not working because it does not find the path and gives me the BarTender error message 3608.


Do you have any idea I could I solve this?


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