Operator Printing Options & Box Numbers Follow

Eoin Thornton


Can someone help me with the following queries:

I have about 15 operators that will be using the same label printer. I want them to be able to choose one of the pre-made label templates that I have created. Is there a stand alone application where the operators can just click on the template file, have the data entry form open, preview it and print?. In other words, is possible to just view the file and data entry giving the operators minimal access to Bartender?.

I want a box number to appear on each label in increments of one. Some of my customers need (Box 1 of 20) some need just a single box number (Box 1). How do I allow for the input of box quantities and for the box numbers to appear as above on the labels?



Jasper Wen
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You may want to consider looking at our Print Station companion application, seems that it would fit the requirements that you are looking for. You can find more information about Print Station in our white paper here.

Also for creating data entry forms and number input box controls, I would recommend looking at our data entry form and serialization videos on our support portal.

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