Missing Detail to configure RFID and Text in application Follow

James Slaughter

When trying to embed RFID in the label, nothing appears on right side of pop up menu to encode with the proper data.  I recently lost my windows 7 box, repaired my computer but had to take windows 10.  Seems like something that runs that portion of the application is not loading up.  This also happens when I double click on the text menu to attach it for sequential numbering... nothing appears on right side of the menu box.

I am running 10.0 SR 1 Professional



Flavia Medici
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Hello James,

Please download and install the latest service release for the version 10.0 and test it. You might be getting compatibility issues, the version you are sing was not tested compatible to Windows 10.

You can find the latest service release (SR4) on our website here: https://www.seagullscientific.com/support/service-releases-legacy-versions/v100/


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