SSL cannot control Printer Restriction Follow

vinoth vishparaj

Hi Expert,

We have 125 printer license with EA version, unfortunately user are start printing from bartender to below option.

1. From Bartender user are printing to Cute PDF writer , so cute PDF printer is also counted as a license, for example, i have 2 Zebra printer license, they print the label and they also use cute PDF to store the label for their reference. Which result in 4 printer license are counted instead of 2. 

2. In some cases user are directly printing from bartender to HP laser Jet and Brother ( Normal printer ) which is also counted as individual printer license. We have instructed user not to use HP,Canon,Fuji and other printer to print the labels, but still user come and go, hard to control the user. So is there any option to control the printer from the SSL. I want to restrict or allow only specified printer can be used to print from SSL. 


1. i will be better if we can maintain the printer based on their printer name, printer model will be easy to control. 

Please advice. i have 24 days left to control. Many Thanks!




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