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We use Commander to print labels to various different printers. We mainly use 2 types - Toshiba TEC and normal A4 paper printers.

If we accidently send a print job to the wrong type of printer - for example print a label that should go to a TEC printer to a A4 printer it start experiencing problems.

Anything we try to print after the mistake struggles with print settings. If we send a TEC job to an A4 printer all the following jobs try to print to a different paper size.

If we print a A4 sheet to a TEC printer anything that's printed after that doesn't have the correct sensor type.

It doesn't matter if we try different printers, we still get the same problem for that label design.

If I check the original label design the last saved date hasn't changed and if I open the design in bartender and print there isn't any issues with how it prints and all the printer settings are correct.

The only solution we can find is to reset the commander service.

Is there anything that can be done to stop this happening?

We are running...

Version 10.1.SR4

Build 2961

OS Windows Server2008 R2 Standard (x64), SP1




Shotaro Ito
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If you close document every time after print, and do not save document after print, the previous print setting would not be carried over to subsequent print.

When you use BarTender command in BarTender there's such settings in Commander's task option > Command tab > Bartender.

Note that for setting above, serial number would not be kept for next print as bartender's serial number kept in each btw file unless you keep that in Global Data Field. Also printing performance will be a bit slow as it load btw file for every print job.

Mark Adamson
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Thanks for getting back to me.

This seems to have resolved the problem.

Thanks for you're help.



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