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Gregor Schaller



We are using Bartender 2016 Automation.

I have two questions for you.

  1. We have a label that prints a UPC code and a serial number for a product. We currently scan the work order (QueryPrompt), which triggers a lookup within an Excel sheet. It selects the proper UPC code (related to work order) and asks the user to scan the serial number from anti-counterfeit label. As soon as it scanned, the label will be printed. The printed label and the anti-counterfeit label are used on the product. Unfortunately, I was told that this process is too slow. What would be the most efficient way to print this label? Scanning all the serial numbers in advance and place them in another .csv file or can data be read into some kind of array within Bartender which can be accessed during printouts? If the serial numbers could be prestaged, labels with the same UPC code could be printed until the last serial number is reached.

  1. We also would like to create a label that prints dynamically data. For example, a certain product will be packed in a box with 10 units. We would like to create a label that shows us the exact number of units for each box. Let’s say we have 205 units (product). We would like to print 20 labels with 10 units in each box and the last label should showing 5 units. We created a .csv with four columns to create this label: tunits (total units), UnitsPer (units per box), FullCartons (how many full boxes), LastCarton (how many left in last box). Can this be achieved through a label design or should this be scripted @ printout?

I am looking forward hearing from you.


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