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Quick enter Barcodes?



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    Peter Thane

    If I understand what you are actually trying to do from your description (type in a barcode number and print it), it sounds like you need to add an input text box onto a Data Entry Form, link that to the barcode number and then on the File>Print>Options tab tick the Repeat data entry until cancelled.

    Click here to access the Data Entry Form

    and then use Data Entry Control dropdown to add a Text Input box on to the form. Go into the Properties of that object to Link it to your barcode field. You can also add an image>Preview of Template if you like so you can see the number you have entered and the barcode number.


    Set up like this then when you print the cursor will return to the entry box so you can type in the next number to print. 


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    Kerry Smith

    Thank you! I think this will do what I need to do now!


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