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BarTender cannot connect to the license server that contains license


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hello Francisco,

    Thank you for reaching us via our Community Forums.

    Going by the error message it seems that the client computer using BarTender cannot see the license server where the license is active.  This can happen for several reasons:

    1. When the license was activated it was not shared out.
    2. A firewall or security software on the license server is blocking the connection
    3. A firewall or security software on the client's computer is blocking the connection.
    4. The license server is not on the same network as the client computer.
    5. The computer where the license is activated is not turned on.

     We would recommend the following troubleshooting steps:

    1. Going by the error it looks like the license was shared out but that could have changed.  Let's check to make sure.  You can do that by opening the 'License Setup' tab in the admin console.


    • Make sure that under User access control we have selected "shared to everyone from everywhere".


          2. If it is a firewall or security software issue, turn the firewall or software off temporarily on the server and the client computer and try to connect to the license again.
          3. If the computer that cannot connect is a laptop make sure it is connected to the same network that the license server is connected to and it can see it on the network.
          4. It is possible that the computer did not reconnect to the license when it was turned back on.  You can reconnect by opening BarTender Designer and clicking "Help > BarTender" licensing wizard.  Go through the wizard and search for the license on the network.
          5. If the license server computer is not turned on, turn it on and give it time to boot up before trying to print on the client computer.


    I hope some of these suggestions help, if not, please feel free to reach us again so we can continue troubleshooting this issue.


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