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No BarTender Licensing Service at all in Services, nor any licensing found in Admin Console.


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    Xabier Clemente

    Hi Cassie,

    Welcome to the BarTender Community Forums!

    Was BarTender used in any other machine? The way BarTender Licensing works, the first machine you install it on will act as the licensing server and will manage the license; we would recommend checking for the licensing tab in other machines which could have the application suite installed.

    If this is the only machine you installed BarTender on, then as this is an issue related to BarTender Licensing and Activations, it will need to go through our regular support channels. If you have a Maintenance & Support agreement active with us, then you can reach us via web-form, chat, or phone. If not, we still have some regular support channels available to you.

    In order to access support, go to our Get Support page and enter your Support Number, this will automatically check your support status and provide you with links to your available lines of support. Also, please be sure to have your BarTender Support Number with you ready when you reach us as our technicians will have to check on your license and see what the status is from our side.

    I hope this helps!


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