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David Duray

We're encountering some strange issues while running via the integration.

We have made a label in the designer and connected our Brother HL-L6250DN Series printer. A first printout via the designer tool is a success. Print preview is working as expected.

But it's while running via the commander tool that we're encountering issues, a text file with the correct printer and template are being triggered but suddenly we see that the layout completely changes.

To make it more visual, underneath a picture of our issue, on the left side, the correct position as also specified in the template is being used and on the right side a print out when running via the integration.

Does anyone has an idea why it's behaving like this?



Pete Thane
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The only thing I can think of is a difference in user rights to the printer driver settings. I have seen something similar in the past where an application could not access all the settings and so used the default page settings as it couldn't use a custom page size.

BarTender Designer will print via the logged in user account whilst the Integration runs under a system account. Have a look at the security settings for the printer and see if anything looks different on there. Integration Builder uses the Local System account. 


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