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Daniel Trainor

I've never used bartender before and have been tasked with creating labels which incorporate multiple fields, each of which need to show the number as well as a barcode.

See photo for the template...

I have a spreadsheet with all of the info for each label (USN, Desc, Vendor PN, UOM, and Quantity).  Is there a way to generate multiple templates from this spreadsheet so shipping can just open the template and enter the PO# as needed?

I've tried connecting a database, but when I drag and drop the database field over the barcode or text area I want it to represent it shows up like this: "Field 'THD Pro label details$'.USN" rather than displaying a USN from the spreadsheet.

any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks!


Pete Thane
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I take it the PO is effectively the key to each lien of data in your template. If that is the case you could create a filter in the Database Connection Setup or else add a Record Picker to a Data Entry Form, with probably the former being the best option. 

Below is an image of a database filter. In the drop down section select New Query Prompt and this will take you to a new screen where you can give the query a name and set the on screen message the users see (eg Enter PO) ,

After you added the filter you will be asked to enter a default value and this should change the image on the screen to show this information on the label template rather than the field......  settings. You can however adjust these anyway if you go into the properties of the field and changing the value in the Sample Data box such as

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