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We have a label that was written in Bartender 9.4  Its the most simple label there is, it has one field on an A4 page.  In 9.4 this would print ALL the records in that field across the A4 page.

We have now upgraded to Battender 2019 R8 but when we print this label, we get the one barcode printer in the A4 page, then a new page is created with the second entry in the database on the next page.

I word terms im looking for a section break so that I can have the next entry in the database printed on the same sheet of A4.    

Is there anything I need to change on the label to get this to print as I want ?  It seems simple but cant seem to work out why this one label prints differently now. 




Pete Thane
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It sounds like an issue with your Page Setup. Check the Page and Layout tabs which should be setup something like this below:

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