Opening label is shutting down pc 2019 R9 win 10 Follow

Dan Norton

when trying to open a label to print in Designer or print station, bartender hangs  then restarts my pc.

I have tried running the repair module in the installer and  updating from 2019 R4 to R9 but the issue remains.

this has stopped production.

the pc may have had a windows update over night i have my IT checking this now.

has anyone else reported this?




Pete Thane
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Just seen a report elsewhere that there is an issue with a Windows update that is causing problems with programs connected to Printer Drivers (blue screen of death normally) and so not sure is this is the cause. 

Maybe worth checking if you have these updates installed and if uninstall them and see if that corrects it

  • f you have Windows 10, version 2004, you must uninstall KB5000802.
  • If you have Windows 10, version 1902, you must uninstall KB5000808.

Apparently Microsoft have halted the upgrade rollout whilst this issue is corrected.


Al Perez
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Hi Dan,

We have a support article where we've begun to accumulate information here: 

The information will continue to be updated, but as Pete mentioned, the workaround options we provided involve uninstalling the updates that were mentioned.


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