Bartender 10.1 SR4 Randomly won't print Word Processing Text objects Follow

Law L-Dean


We have been using 10.1 SR4 for quite a long while now with zero problems, now suddenly it won't print any text object that is a word processor which all our labels are.

We have a barcode on the label also which prints fine.

I can't work out for the life of me why it's now decided to do this? unless the work colleague who does it has changed something by accident.

This does it for all our labels so it's not just affecting one label.

Anyone got any advice?

It's not an option for us to change all labels to a single line object (which does print) it would take us quite a while to do.


Pete Thane
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I had the exact same thing at a customer's last week and it was connected with the Microsoft update released last week.

For newer versions of BarTender is can cause the blue screen error but for 10.1 it seems that it only effects Word Processor and VB fields.

If you follow the instructions on here to remove the update then that should get you up and running.

I hope this helps. 

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