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I've an Access database (accdb) on a network share with around 1 million of records.

I'm using Bartender 2016 to access it without any problems. When I access the records through the Bartender file, it takes 1 seconds to show the selected record with a filter.

When I am using 2021 version, it takes 30 secondes to access the same database with the same bartender file and same filter.

Have you already experienced this issue ? I've followed this KB but it's not working...

Thanks for your help.

PS : if I remove some records from the database, the time to access it decrease, that should implicate that a lot of data are read to access database...


Sylvain Finardi
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The documentation linked above is not correct.

You must enter "Preferred Access Provider" for Access databases (.accdb). Excel is only for Excel sheet.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Seagull Scientific\BarTender\Preferred Database Providers]
"Preferred Access Provider"="OLE DB"

Just restart Bartender and now the record accessed is displayed in 1 or 2 seconds. Same as before. No need a reboot.

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