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Kritsada Tattanon

I have two pattern of serial number in format NNNNNNC 


    NNNNNN is 6 digits of number [000001 - 999999]

    C is 1 digit of character [A - Z]

I want to increase C when NNNNNN reset to be as 0000001A ... 999999A ... 0000001B ... 999999B  ... 000001C ... 999999C ... 

Now, I've created 2 serial number objects for NNNNNN and C

    for NNNNNN, I set event as "Standard" and reset to 000001 when its value reach 999999. for C, I have no idea how to make it increase when the NNNNNN reset. Could you please guide how to do that?  

Thank you. 



Pete Thane
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For the second sub-string you need to set the reset Event Interval to 999999 as per the image below.

I just used 99 so I could easily test with a print preview to check it was working



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