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Hi ;)

I'm using double label roll on my printer. Until today the  double label layout  worked fine because i usually put the information manually.

Today we upgrade the bartender to connect with a excel database. Everything works fine, but the print results are repeat. For each line (2 labels ) print the same record from excel. 

Example of what i have                                           Example of what i need   

Label 1 - record 1                                                       Label 1 - record 1   
Label 2 - record 1                                                       Label 2 - record 2
Label 3 - record 2                                                       Label 3 - record 3
Label 4 - record 2                                                       Label 4 - record 4

what and where can i change/do to print correctly


Peter Thane
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Do you mean your label is printing two across the web, ie something like this?

If so all you need to do is configure your label with two columns and then once completed all you will see is one label to design. 

At print time, as long as you are only printing one label per record then the label will print as you require.

I hope this helps



Bruno Santos
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Im going to try that. if i do it right and it works, i will let you know.

Thanks :)


Many thanks :)

It works .

I don't know how to close the thread.

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