Shared Citizen printer won't print correct size 4x4 instead of 4x6 Follow

Patrick Doerksen

I've installed the latest seagull drivers on a Win 10 PC with a Citizen CLP-7202e.  I set the page size to 4x6 and it prints correctly

When I connect to this printer from another PC it always prints 4x4 instead of 4x6.  I changed the stock size in preferences and it's set to 4x6 but it still prints 4x4.  This only happens on the remote computer.  The PC that is directly connected to the printer works fine.

I noticed in the presets it has <Current Settings> and <Default Settings>.  Current Settings is set to 4x6 and Default Settings is set to 4x4.  I'm guessing the remote PC is using the Default Settings instead of the Current Settings.  I can't seem to change the Default Settings at all.  It always reverts back to 4x4  when I close and re-open Print Preferences.


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